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St Michael and all Angels Church (Llanmihangel)

The church situated in Llanmihangel is a 13th century building of Early English style giving the visitor the impression of a building steeped in history. Although there may have been an older church situated on this site prior to the current one no record of it now exists.

These days the church is entered by the Victorian South Porch added in 1887, in 1888-1889 additional restoration work was carried out and a large east window installed together with a new roof and floor boards.

Inside the church there is a wonderful calm atmosphere that feels a million miles away from the modern world this is helped by the lack of both water and electricity meaning that oil lamps are still used to light the interior. The floor is decorated with Victorian panels, the roof is a fine oak-boarded ‘wagon’,ceiling.


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Artical Review – Amazing Landscapes using Camera Raw and Photoshop

It is great to stumble upon an article which you really find both easy to read and informative enough that you keep returning for more ideas. Thomas Parpoulas has written such an article which really does exactly what it says on the tin ‘Amazing Landscapes using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop’.

Thomas takes you through the initial selection of a photograph deciding upon your goals, what you want your end result to look like and then a comprehensive step by step tutorial on achieving this. Whether you’re a beginner or someone with more experience I’m sure that you will all find something in this article which you will find useful in developing your own landscape Photoshop skills.

I will certainly be looking out for any other articles and tutorials written by Thomas.


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Cawthorn Roman Camp

On the edge of the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors just off the road running between Cropton and Newton-on-Rawcliff and approximately 10min (4miles) drive north of Pickering is probably the most famous Roman site on the moors. Cawthorn Roman military complex dates from around the late 1st century CE and early 2nd century CE.

This site forms part of a network of sites across the moors and coastline such as the forts at Malton (DERVENTIO) and Lease Rigg, two villas and five coastal signal stations of which the best preserved example can be found inside the grounds of Scarborough Castle. Cawthorn is also not far from the well known Wheeldale Roman road. Thought for many years to be a surviving section of the Roman road linking Cawthorn with some of these sites, many historians now believe it to be of later construction built towards the end of the roman period.


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