Icon for my walks postsThis fascinating ancient site is believed to be of late Bronze Age construction and is situated approximately 15 minutes walk northwards on the hill above the North Yorkshire village of Ampelforth.

Studford Ring is a very accessible site with access from both High Street where there is on road parking and as i did in this occasion from Ampelforth itself where there is plenty of free parking on the main street, where there can be found a rather nice pub, the White Horse. Which makes for a very civilised end to your walk.

The site of Studford Ring is a quadrangle earth work enclosure measuring some 54 yards across with an internal ditch approximately 12feet across and in places still 4 feet deep. The entrance is situated roughly along the south east edge and although threes and bushes now grow on three of the four back side the central area is free from any such vegetation and is grass covered with a number of mole hills.

View in Google Earth

The name ‘Studford’ is believed to have derived from ‘Stodfalod’ which is a common name for old Roman (and other ancient) enclosures and indicates that the Anglo-Saxons often used such enclosures as horse folds.

There have been several similarities drawn with other sites in North East Yorkshire, one at Great Ayton moor and another on Newton Musgrove moor near Borrowby.

It was a blustery and overcast February afternoon with an almost constant drizzle which was driven across this open site making it a cold day to try an take photos. I fully intent to return to this site when the weather is more clement though a cheeky pint in the warm pub on my return to Ampelforth was most welcome.

Photos From Stutford Ring

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