These days it’s rare but on my travels round the web it’s always a real pleasure to come across a web site which both inspires and informs and this little gold mine keeps me coming back. rose out of the ashes of Denny Tang’s FotoFects web site after the death of the hard drive on the server it was hosted, but with every cloud a silver lining and this provided him with the opportunity to redesign the site to reflect the changing nature of their tutorials which had gone beyond the initial remit of Photoshop photo editing effects.

The site hosts a wealth of tutorials (many covering some quite advanced techniques), downloads and inspiration and has become one of my current top 10 favourite Photoshop resources. It does have a noticeably high amount of advertisements on but like it or not that is how many of these sites are able to cover their overheads so for me they a necessary distraction worth putting up with for such a site to be able to run.

Check the site out for yourself at

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